5 spice pork
Pork, spicy sweet potato mayo, organic kale slaw served on Turkish bread

BBQ Chicken & Swiss
roasted yam & avocado pesto w/ arugula & sunflower seeds on Turkish bread

Goat Cheese
Goat cheese, almond butter, pepitas, sunflower seeds, organic kale on Turkish Bread (vegetarian)

Chick Pea Almond Curry
Coconut milk, organic kale, sweet potato, broccoli, peas on Turkish bread  (vegan)



Chicken Liver and Peppercorn Pate - $7
Herbed White Bean Dip - $7

Cheese Plate- $5/1oz  or   $17.5/4oz
Served with seasonal preserves and toast

Brillat Savarin - France - soft, cows milk, triple cream
Comte - France - firm, raw cow's milk, full flavour, slightly sweet
Beemster -  Holland - hard, cow’s milk, nutty
Pont L'Evêque - France - soft, cow’s milk, full flavour, nutty